Tony Harover
Shelby County Clerk

About Shelby County
SHELBY COUNTY, which consists of an area of 384 square miles, lies in the rolling bluegrass country of Kentucky. Originally named for Isaac Shelby, who served as the first governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the county has retained its stately, genteel personality, all the while growing rapidly due to its geographic proximity to Kentucky’s largest city.
One of its best known citizens was Harlan Sanders, the Colonel, who, along with his wife, Claudia, made the county his base of operations beginning in 1959. Settling in Blackwood Hall, a 125 year old mansion, the Colonel remained a county resident until his death. The hall, since destroyed by fire, has been rebuilt and currently carries on the tradition in the Claudia Sanders’ Inn.
SHELBYVILLE, the county seat and recognized as the saddlebred capital of the world, provides a fine blend of rural tradition with urban ambiance. Wakefield-Scearce, formerly known as Science Hill, when it operated as a private girl’s school from 1825 to 1939, is a well known landmark. The city also annually hosts the Shelbyville Horse Show, which immediately precedes the world championships held two weeks later.
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